They say, ‘start off small’, but I decided (in true Victoria style), to defy the rules, and my first order was a wedding cake.

A colleague at work caught wind of my love of baking, and tasked me with making the cake for her big day. Practice makes perfect and after several attempts of ensuring the ombre icing matched the Pantone of her event decorations (detail is important to me!) I was proud to have successfully delivered my first order. When I say I make bespoke, personal masterpieces, I really do mean it, the cake was decorated with flowers hand-picked from her Mum’s garden. After such a successful first order, and a glowing testimonial from the bride, my orders started trickling through, thick and fast.

Victoria Sponges - MAIN HOMEPAGE

I am passionate about baking, and there is nothing I love more than spending evenings and weekends in my kitchen in Hampshire, baking orders, speaking to clients on their briefs, or experimenting with new ideas and ingredients, and generally making a big floury mess! Who needs a snow machine in the kitchen, when you have me, and a packet of flour!

Quick facts box out:

My signature dish? Victoria sponge
My favourite ingredient? Margarine – it makes an extremely moist cake (better than butter) – even Ms Berry agrees!
My philosophy? Where there is a whisk, there is a way
My culinary hero? Mary Berry
How do I like my eggs? Umm, in a cake!

My story began as a seven year old girl, I loved baking and spent much of my spare time in my parent’s kitchen baking up a storm (much to my Dad’s dismay as the kitchen was always a mess!)

I firmly believe that all of the disasters I entailed as a child made me the baker I am today. I am passionate about what I do, whether it’s picking the best ingredients, or meeting a tricky challenge, I throw my heart and soul into what I do to ensure that my clients are over the moon with their orders.

Victoria Carr

It’s not just gooey chocolate cakes, and sticky fingers that excites me, I have grown up surrounded by people with allergies and food intolerances, so feel passionately about being able to create cakes and treats that can be enjoyed by everybody.

I have experience in a range of areas, from individual cakes for school fetes, to large corporate orders from a major supermarket retailer. No matter what the brief, I am all ears, so please do get in touch.