10 tricks to bring your baking fails back from disaster

I know how it feels when baking turns into a disaster, we’ve all been there! The fondant icing that splits when you are just about to ice a three layer rainbow cake because you’ve taken too long, the biscuits that spread into one giant slab on the baking tray, the curdled mixture that you just don’t know how to fix. Sometimes, we just have to accept that things have gone wrong, and make what you have into something different, but here are my top 10 tricks to help you come back from the baking ‘Hall of Lame’.

1. Use your broken cake for the bottom of a trifle


You were going to serve a gorgeous and elaborate cake for your dinner guests but the cake falls apart as you’re taking it out of the tin. Yes – sticking together cake with icing may be fun, but it doesn’t look that pretty. So break the cake up and use it as the base of a trifle. Everyone will be none the wiser AND they will be impressed that you’ve made a whole trifle from scratch!

2. The key to fixing a mixture that is curdled is just adding a little of the dry mixture you were using e.g. flour

Curdled imagery

Your cake mixture can curdle if you add your liquid (in most cases, eggs) too quickly without ensuring it is fully incorporated, but it is easily fixed! Simply take a little of your dry mixture and fold it in – problem solved! The same trick can be used for frosting.

3. Use your broken cake for cake pops

Cake pops

Crumble your cake into a food processor, add your icing and blend to get a consistency that you can mould into balls, freeze and dip into melted chocolate or candy melts. Simple.

4. Call your sinking cake a torte


You’ve taken your cake out of the oven and it starts to sink. What can you do? Pour chocolate over the top and call it a torte – don’t tell anyone and they will never know.

5. Cut the middle of your sunken cake out

Ring cake

Simply the sunken cake turns into a successful ring cake so that you can keep your smugness! Don’t waste the centre either – use it as the bottom of a Baked Alaska.

6. Cut your slab of biscuit into thin strips


Your biscuits have all baked together and your cut shapes are no more. But do not fear, cut your biscuit into thin strips and serve with a warm chocolate sauce. It doesn’t get much better than that!

7. Fix a burnt cake by using a metal sieve to rub off the burnt bits

Burnt cake

This means that you can remove the burnt bits without cutting and changing the shape of the cake too much.

8. Pierce a dry or stale cake and pour alcohol or fruit juice over the top

Lemon drizzle cake

Leave the cake wrapped for 24 hours and it will be as good as new.

9. Fix a broken swiss roll by rolling flat and cutting out shapes

Mille Feuille

You can then fill in between the slices of swiss roll with cream and fruit and turn it into a sort of mille feuille.

10. Always have a no-fail recipe in reserve

The Silver Fox'

If you get into such a disaster that there really is no coming back, always have a recipe that you know won’t fail and that won’t take too long to create. A recipe that mixes in one bowl is great, like Nigella’s Old Fashioned Cake recipe https://www.nigella.com/recipes/old-fashioned-chocolate-cake

Always learn from your mistakes. Every day is a school day. Baking is an art and mistakes are all lessons in perfecting – I have certainly had my share in the past!

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