8 baking terms you never even knew existed

I have been baking for a number of years, only turning my passion into a small business just over a couple of years ago and actually, I didn’t even know some of these terms…every day is a school day!

1. Cloche
A cloche is a bread maker that is domed shaped. It helps the bread to retain its moisture but also ensuring that a nice crust is formed.


2. Flute
Fluting is a baking term and is the decorating of pies and pastry or around the outside of the cake. You can buy fluted pans that do the work for you too!


3. Pearl
The term pearl can be used when you are making sweets. When you are boiling sugar, the pearl stage is when the sugar will drop off the spoon in drops. You can test if your sugar is at this stage by dripping it into a small bowl of cold water, if it forms into a drip or a pearl then it is at the correct stage for sugar work.


4. Reamer
A reamer is an apparatus that can be used to extract juice from citrus fruits.


5. Roux
A roux is made from equal amounts of fat and flour and can be used as a thickening agent.


6. Temper
Tempering is the technique of mixing cold and hot liquids together gradually so that the cold liquid does not get ruined. E.g. you can temper chocolate.


7. Toque
A toque is a chef’s hat.


8. Weep
Weeping can be when clear juices weep out of an item e.g. meringues weep but it can ruin the appearance and taste of the product.


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