#GBBO – Forgotten Bakes

“If you drink enough rum you probably do end up knickerless”

I think I should re-name this blog to Liam-gate. This episode (watched late so apologies for the delayed post) should have come with a ‘watch if you dare’ caution! And it’s not only me that thinks so – it seems the whole of the Twittersphere agrees. Liam – who has been so close to Star Baker glory across many weeks – lost his place in the competition, and to make matters worse Stacey (YES STACEY who should have gone home weeks ago) won Star Baker.

I am enraged! Disappointed in Paul and Pru. I got over the fact that Bake Off had moved to channel four, I got over the fact that I had to sit through 20 minutes of breaks every week, I got over the fact that Sue and Mel were no longer on my TV screen, I EVEN got over Mary Berry (reluctantly, but I let go). But Liam going has sent me over the edge.

savoy Cake

The theme this week was forgotten bakes – a first for the bake off tent and I was filled with hope that we could have a week of nostalgic and tasty creations taking me right back to my childhood. But when the first challenge came up…well, let’s see how it goes.

Signature: Clanger


What the hell is a clanger? This takes ‘forgotten bakes’ to a whole new level. I didn’t really know what this was – never mind forgotten it! It was described like a Cornish pasty by Pru but when she then went in to detail she said it was sausage shaped – so not really a Cornish pasty then…

Liam did well and was praised for his flavour and Kate dropped hers on the floor. The savoury clangers for all contestants were pretty poor or below average but many of them impressed with their sweet version. Kate was praised for her rice pudding filling and Steven made a cracking baklava. The Hollywood handshake came out for Stacey for a double whammy of great tasting clangers.

Paul Hollywood handsake

Technical: Cumberland Rum Nicky (Aka a mince pie with a lattice top)

Although Steven firstly made a mess of his lattice lid, he quickly whipped up another and claimed first place (he’s been impressing again after his third Star Baker win last week). Concerning here that Liam ended up in fifth place but in my eyes considered him safe.

Cumberland Rum Nicky

Showstopper: Savoy Cake

 A structured cake with a hell of a lot of eggs. Kate used 60 alone – yes 60 eggs! Although she played up to Paul’s love of his hometown Liverpool by creating the Liver building her savoy cake left a lot to be desired with rough edges leaving her close to leaving the competition.

Kate GBBO Savoy Cake

After coming fifth in the technical and then presenting a somewhat less than perfect Savoy Cake, Liam’s floor was starting to open up and I expect he wanted it to swallow him whole. The whole nation remained in denial but his road was rocky…

Stacey door falling off

Stacey – who, let’s remember was crowned this week’s Star Baker – literally pulled the door off her oven and still won. In my opinion – I wasn’t a fan of her Savoy Cake and actually thought that Steven would have been a more worth Star Baker, especially given that he came first in the technical. His icing roses on top of the cake just looked exquisite – and he has been one of my favourites all along (as well as Liam) so I may be a bit biased.

The next two weeks will not be the same in the Bake Off tent for me – Liam’s witty remarks and jokes with the presenters and the judges will be missed. He was cheated.

Liam leaving

Star Baker: Stacey

Leaving the tent: Liam (a farce)

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