Holy Cannoli – it’s Italian week #GBBO

“Not worth the calories…”

It’s the first EVER Italian week on #GBBO – what will tonight hold? Lots of Pizza, beautiful Italian pastries like Cannoli? Yum – Italy produces most of my favourite foods (although isn’t Pizza traditionally Greek?)


As the bakers walked down into the tent, it did dawn that we’re near the end with only six contestants left! They do whittle down quite quickly and soon GBBO will be over for another year.

Signature challenge: Cannoli

I absolutely love a decent Cannoli and I have made them once before – I have been to Italy a few times and Sicily once – the home of the best Cannoli by far! Now Kate and Yan have the right idea – alcohol filled Cannoli (how many times can I get Cannoli in a paragraph?)


The traditional base for Cannoli is ricotta filled and in my opinion this shouldn’t be messed with (Sophie!), it is the tradition and it is that for a reason. You can add whatever flavour you want for your own twist but ricotta should be the base. I’m totally with Paul on this one…

Homemade cannoli

Few tips for making your own Cannoli:

  • Make sure they are sealed properly so they don’t float to the top like a popadom
  • Don’t wrap them around the mould too tight because you will not get them off in one piece
  • Make sure the filling is thick enough to hold it’s own (like the texture of a cupcake buttercream), the worst thing is when the filling starts to drip out of the shells

Technical: Pizza Margarita!

One – why are they all wearing sunglasses? Too much guys.

Making pizza

Pizza – Mamma Mia! Every one of those bakers should have made a pizza – everyone has made pizza right? I used to make it as a kid with my parents and then decorate ourselves. Absolutely loved it – and they tasted so much better because of the effort we put in.

Tomato sauce = easy!

Tossing a pizza = not so easy!

Yan had a little trouble but Kate really had a disaster – not only did she ‘cut the top of her finger off’ #manup, her mozzarella went everywhere and it definitely wasn’t a 30cm circle. Yay for Liam & Steven.

Showstopper: Sfogliatella


Now that is a showstopper – very fiddly and I would definitely want more than 4 hours….although it’s no illusion cake or 30 inch tall biscuit creation.

So labour intensive and so much work to get those leafy layers just right. A very difficult showstopper – in the heat too – I wouldn’t have liked to have been in the tent for this one.

Star Baker: Steven

Leaving the tent: Yan


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