It’s pudding week #GBBO

“If you’re going to serve a cake, serve it phallic” 

Pudding week is back! From cheesecake, to chocolate brownies, to treacle tart, puddings can take on so many flavours. Most of my puddings end up in cupcake form these days, like banoffee or tiramisu cupcakes. 

Signature: Steamed Puddings 

I can’t say that I have ever made a steamed pudding before…it’s not really something that excites me if I’m honest and it’s a bit old fashioned? Like Liam, it never existed on my school lunch menu. 

For the steamed pudding, the baking history segment was back – something that I now realise I had missed in the first couple of episodes. It’s good to widen your baking knowledge (especially if you’re thinking of applying for next years competition…)

The verdict: Well we all know that Steven is back on his A-game, receiving a Paul Hollywood handshake! And not the only one either – he’s started to give them out a little willy nilly. Overall everyone did pretty well, apart from Kate, oh how the mighty Star Baker has fallen. 

Technical: Molten Chocolate Pudding with Peanut Butter

All I can say is, I was hoping that the technical was something that an amateur baker could at least have the time to attempt. Last week’s technical challenge was obviously too difficult in the time given as not one of them did the caramel correctly! 

I love a staggered start! Always means something exciting. In my opinion, all amateur bakers should have made one of these before, or some kind of fondant so a good task from Paul this week. Actually disappointed that quite a few of them hadn’t. 

Well done to Liam coming second, can he capitalise and possibly win star baker this week after missing out so marginally in caramel week? Not when Sophie’s around! ⭐️ 

Showstopper: Terrine Trifle 

We’ve all seen gelatine go wrong, the jelly doesn’t set, or there’s too much and the jelly is rubbery. It’s a fine line. I’m not particularly a fan of trifle, but it’s my boyfriends favourite so we have it quite a bit, especially when we have dinner at his parents. Now I’ve seen some of these, I might experiment a little more.

But just a trifle won’t suffice for the showstopper. Since when was mousse included in a trifle? 

What made me laugh in this showstopper is the pure happiness on Neil’s face when ‘The Mighty Boosh’ got mentioned. He tried to make it go on for a little longer…unsuccessfully. 

Liam’s Chai Latte Panna Cotta hit my sweet spot. My favourite coffee of all time! Ever! But his jelly didn’t set, his design was clumsy and his brownie was tough – not his week again. 

Steven’s design was phenomenal – very clever but shame that the taste didn’t match. What a shame when it was so well executed design-wise. 

Star Baker: Sophie

Leaving: James 

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