#GBBO – Week Two: Biscuits

“They won’t look exactly identical, I’m not a magician”

It’s week too already – hurrah! And the jokes are still as forced and Noel still doesn’t really add much…I mean is he reading from a script most of the time? He got a little better as the show went on and got a little more involved…but he ain’t no Mel.

After last week, I think I already have my favourite…and it’s Steven – last week’s star baker. Seems to have his head totally switched on and you really can’t beat his sandwich cake from last week’s showstopper challenge.

Signature: sandwich biscuits

Sandwich biscuits

So 24 matching sandwich biscuits – meaning 48 identical biscuits. Not an easy task. But Flo’s recipe is one that I can get along with – Gin Jam Butties – #yum. And she showed Pru that she knew what she was talking about when she mentioned that not only was there gin in the jam (that would boil off in the heat) but also gin in the buttercream! Unfortunately for Flo, it didn’t quite work…

She wasn’t the only one that was including alcohol in her biscuit recipe…I don’t think there was this much alcohol when #GBBO started all those years ago? A wonderful development I feel.

Technical: fortune cookies

Fortune cookies

What a bloody challenge! I wouldn’t even know where to start – and two flavours in two hours – Jesus Paul! And I know they have limited instructions but that is tough. At least I have asbestos fingers so I could bend them into shape. This one really separates the men from the boys!

Some of them looked so defeated…and let’s not go into too much detail about the actual fortunes…

Showstopper: Biscuit board games

A first for #GBBO, and not a bad idea. Not as extravagant a the huge masterpieces created last year so really they’ve got off quite easy!

Poor Flo – the base cracked and I feel so sorry for her. It happens to us all in the kitchen at home, and I bet she has done that recipe over and over again and it’s been amazing. That’s the nature of the tent though. Mr. Never-well – Oh Flo!

Steven strikes again – his chess board just looked incredible…he looks like he’s panicking and it going to run out of time and then he pulls it out of the bag!

Steven - Chess Board


And we have to say goodbye to Chris – no surprise really. He was completely out of his depth.

I’m still loving the format – I mean it’s largely unchanged so why wouldn’t I. Neil settled in a little more but still – not a fan! But his best joke of the night: “That’s Scotland leaving England” when Paul cut Chris’ landmark…we’ll give him that one.


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