#GBBO – Week One: Cake

“The longer you look at it, the more it cooks”

So, the much awaited first episode of the new Great British Bake Off aired tonight and as much as it pains me to say it – it was sensational – apart from the ad breaks, not a fan of those! And did it really need two sponsors?

I have been waiting on tenterhooks for the new series, wondering whether I would stick with it, or not. I loved the old #GBBO with Mel & Sue who really are what Ant & Dec are to I’m a Celeb. And Mary Berry is a baking idol to me so it was extremely sad to see them go.


BUT I think I could get used to this set up. I mean the start of the show was a little suspect – trying to be funnier than Mel & Sue but it looked a little set up and forced as Sandi and Noel were stuck in a hot air balloon. But then – it was just the same as before, if not a little better.

12 new bakers, 30 new challenges, 2 new presenters and 1 new judge. But the same tent, the same Paul Hollywood, the same starting credits and still a lot of laughs (but didn’t Noel come across as nervous – don’t really think he adds anything!).




Blueberry Muffin Cupcake (SF)

So the signature bake for the first week was a family sized fruity cake – but no dried fruit, as Noel said, Sultanas are not invited to this party – and we got the great explanation from Paul and Pru offered her advice too.

The pressure of the tent must be overwhelming. Week one, and already a cake in the bin because Yan didn’t turn the oven on! Also in the first week, more than one signature Paul Hollywood handshake!

GBBO - contestants

Technical: where great bakers go to fail, I mean be challenged… Chocolate mini rolls #YUM! It is incredible how many people can’t read a simple recipe though…I know they only have limited instructions but sometimes all they need is a little common sense *face palm*. Poor Chris ends up at the bottom with some real eye sores…

And the showstopper – my favourite part of the show because we get to see some real masterpieces. And a very interesting one, a cake that doesn’t look like a cake – like it! And in week one, an illusion cake is pretty tough?

Melon cake

I loved Flo’s water melon cake – think that will be a project of my own very soon! Some of them were exquisite, like Steven’s BLT, others not so much like Stacey’s handbag.



Can you tell I was reluctant to like this series? With Mary B off and Mel & Sue, it was a series I wasn’t looking forward to. But let’s face it, #GBBO is just exactly the same, we just have a new judge and two new presenters. Everything else remains – and it’s still fabulous. I will definitely be tuning in every week (maybe recorded so I can skip the ads).

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