Aga trial and error

I think I may have mastered it! After following the advice to use the cooler of the aga ovens (and clearly that didn’t work as described in my post a couple of weeks ago), I attempted making a chocolate cake in the hotter of the ovens…

And it tasted amazing – if I do say so myself. BUT, it did take a hell of a lot longer than usual, and the outside cooked more quickly than the inside. Meaning I had to cut the outside off to leave the moist and tasty centre.

I am now purchasing a cold plate for the hot oven, meaning it will be between the hot and the cold oven, the outside and inside will cook at the same pace so should be perfect…

I know that an aga is a lot more temperamental than other ovens, but with anything it takes time to learn how hot your oven really is and how long your cakes take to bake.

My first aga cake turned out like this…under baked and not at all appetising.

Under baked

But now, I am making cakes that taste as great and gorgeous as they always have – but I don’t follow the timings on any recipes I have previously used, I go from experience.

Practice makes perfect!

The Silver Fox'

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