Bespoke cake designs

My favourite orders are when I get to create bespoke designs for my clients. All the cakes from Victoria’s Sponges are unique and made to order whether you want standard Red Velvet cupcakes or a personalised layer cake. Even no two Peppa Pig cakes are the same…

Peppa Pig

From start to finish, the client can be involved as much or as little as they like and we are happy to propose designs and ideas too. If your son is obsessed with Fireman Sam then that’s what we create…

Fireman Sam 2

I recently met with an amazing couple who are getting married in June this year. They came to see my about the creation of a bespoke wedding cake for their special day, they had a few ideas in their head of what they wanted to create and from previous conversations with the bride over email, I had a small idea about the style that she liked. I did a little research based on this insight and saved some photos to show them when we met for the first time, also showing them previous wedding cakes that I had created.

On this occasion, it was super easy because the bride and groom LOVED the first cake design that I showed them. Simple but elegant and the perfect style for a beautiful wedding. But as elegant as it will look on the outside, the flavours on the inside are just as important. After design style, this was my next questions: how crazy do you want to go with your flavours? You need to be able to please your guests, but at the end of the day, it’s the best and most important day of YOUR lives and it’s what you will enjoy. So as well as two tiers of traditional flavours, they decided to go for Bubblegum & Strawberry on the top!


That’s why bespoke orders are the best – you never know what you’re going to get!

This profession is, and always has been, about making the client happy. Whether that’s the birthday boy, bride, groom or mummy to be. It’s about making their day and designing a style that THEY like – not me! I will always be there to offer ideas on design and flavour that I think works well but ultimately, you have the final say.

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