An Aga-disaster…

This week, I attempted my first bake in an aga…my parents have recently moved house and I had an important 70th birthday cake order which had to be perfect, as all of my bakes do. I knew I had to impress, and I was thinking it couldn’t be that difficult, right? Oh, how wrong I was!

I researched and researched about baking in an aga, without much luck to be honest. There are some larger aga’s that have a specific baking oven, but ours is a smaller one. The advice that I found was to use the oven with the slightly lower temperature as the higher temperature will cause the outer of the cake to cook too quickly and leave the centre underdone. Makes sense right?

I made up my cake mixture, my favourite recipe for a simple but gorgeous Victoria Sponge which I discovered in Vogue many years ago, and off I went splitting it into a few cake tins (my famous Victoria Sponge is made up of at least five sponges for a layered cake masterpiece).

Vicki - Lifestyle

In they went and I left it for half an hour, trying not to open the door too much, but it wasn’t cooked. The bubbles had started to surface though, so I thought we were getting somewhere.

An hour and a half later, I was left with a bubbly, rubbery half risen cake. Not exactly what I was looking for (or what the client wanted I can imagine). The taste was there, and trust me it took some courage to even try it, but the texture and the look were abysmal. The texture wasn’t even firm enough to take any icing. An AGA-DISASTER!

Attempt one = FAILURE!

It was so much of a failure that I didn’t take any pictures – just so I didn’t have any evidence! So for the next few weeks, it’s a bit of trial and error with the aga and using my boyfriends’ parents oven for client orders until we move into our brand new place in May!

Attempt two will hopefully turn out better. Stay tuned!




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