#GBBO – doomed for failure?

So, this week we were told the news that Sandi Toksvig and Noel Fielding are the next presenters of the Great British Bake Off. I’m not sure how I feel about this announcement…

How much do Sandi and Noel know about baking? But then again, how much did Mel & Sue know about baking? Maybe Sandi and Noel will enter the nation’s hearts much like their counterparts have over the past few years.

However, anyone who sings songs with lyrics about cocaine and erections shouldn’t be presenting a national institution like #GBBO in my opinion…

And as for Sandi, I know the name from QI and Fifteen to One but does the British public know her? Is she right for GBBO? Will she bring the innocent but sexual innuendo that Mel & Sue did? For both Sandi and Noel, only time will tell.

Mel & Sue Gif

I don’t want to write them off before they’ve even started but Mel & Sue were the perfect hosts. I respect Mel & Sue for leaving GBBO when it moved across to Channel 4 along with my culinary hero, Mary Berry, but the show will never be the same again.

My alternatives = French & Saunders

French & Saunders

French and Saunders would have been brilliant: funny, witty and they would have brought that comedy factor that Mel and Sue have left behind.

Prue too many?

As for Prue Leith, who replaces Ms Berry, I think that one will work. I’ve watched her on The Great British Menu and her opinion always seems fair (and she seems like she has the same kind of personality as Mary.

Prue Leith

Will Prue and Paul have the same chemistry that Paul had with Mary? Are three new additions too much for the loyal #GBBO fans? Only time will tell…



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